Whether you’re traveling to the west coast, the Atlantic provinces, or anywhere in between, use this guide to find the best amusement parks for some family vacation fun. From coast to coast, these parks provide an escape into a world of excitement and adventure. Let's dive into the top 10 amusement parks in Canada, including the iconic Canada’s Wonderland and nine other must-visit parks across Canada.

1. Canada's Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario

Located in Vaughan, just outside Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland is the country's largest and most popular amusement park. With over 200 attractions, including 17 roller coasters, it offers something for everyone.

Thrill Rides: The park's standout rides include the Leviathan, a massive steel roller coaster that stands at 306 feet tall and reaches speeds of 92 mph, offering a heart-pounding experience. The Behemoth is another must-ride coaster, known for its high speeds and airtime hills. For the ultimate thrill, don’t miss the Yukon Striker, the world's longest, tallest, and fastest dive coaster, featuring a 245-foot drop into an underwater tunnel.

Family Attractions: Beyond the thrill rides, Canada’s Wonderland caters to families with attractions like KidZville and Planet Snoopy, where young children can enjoy gentler rides and meet beloved Peanuts characters. The park also features the Wonderland Theatre, which hosts live shows and entertainment suitable for all ages.

Water Park: Splash Works, the 20-acre water park within Canada’s Wonderland, is perfect for cooling off during the hot summer months. It features a variety of water slides, a lazy river, and the largest outdoor wave pool in Canada. Highlights include the Muskoka Plunge, a 60-foot-tall slide complex, and the White Water Bay wave pool.

With seasonal events such as Halloween Haunt and WinterFest, Canada’s Wonderland offers year-round entertainment, making it a premier destination for both locals and tourists.

2. La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec

Situated in Montreal, La Ronde is Quebec's premier amusement park and is operated by Six Flags. It boasts over 40 rides and attractions, making it a central hub for entertainment in the region.

Thrill Rides: La Ronde is home to the Goliath, one of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in Canada. It features a 175-foot drop and speeds up to 68 mph, providing breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River. Another highlight is the Vampire, an inverted roller coaster that dangles riders beneath the track, twisting and turning through a series of loops and corkscrews.

Family Attractions: The park offers a variety of family-friendly rides, including the classic Ferris wheel, a charming carousel, and the Pays de Ribambelle, a children's area with gentle rides and interactive attractions. La Ronde also features several live shows and entertainment options that cater to all ages.

Special Events: One of the park's major attractions is the annual L'International des Feux Loto-Québec, one of the largest and most prestigious fireworks competitions in the world. Held throughout the summer, this event features spectacular fireworks displays set to music, drawing visitors from around the globe.

La Ronde's unique setting on Île Sainte-Hélène, combined with its thrilling rides and family-friendly attractions, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone in Quebec.

3. Playland, Vancouver, British Columbia

Playland, located in Vancouver, is British Columbia’s oldest amusement park, dating back to 1910. Known for its classic rides and vibrant atmosphere, Playland is a beloved destination for both locals and tourists.

Classic Rides: The star attraction at Playland is the Wooden Roller Coaster, a historic ride built in 1958 that remains one of the park's most popular. This classic coaster offers a nostalgic yet thrilling experience with its wooden structure and exciting drops. Another iconic ride is the Revelation, a bungee swing that propels riders 160 feet into the air, providing breathtaking views of the city.

Modern Attractions: Playland also features modern thrill rides like the Atmosfear, a 218-foot-tall swing ride that offers panoramic views of Vancouver, and The Beast, a pendulum ride that reaches speeds of up to 55 mph. For those who enjoy spinning rides, the Hellevator and the Crazy Beach Party provide adrenaline-pumping fun. Don't forget to try the new "Thunder Volt" roller coaster ride, perfect for thrill seekers.

Family Fun: The park offers plenty of family-friendly attractions, including a variety of midway games, a charming carousel, and the Kettle Creek Mine Coaster, a gentle roller coaster designed for younger children. During the summer, Playland hosts the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), a fair that includes additional rides, concerts, and special events.

The Fair at the PNE: Every summer, Playland becomes part of the larger Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) fair, a Vancouver tradition that has been running since 1910. The fair at the PNE includes a wide range of additional attractions, such as agricultural exhibits, live performances, food vendors offering a variety of delicious treats, and nightly concerts featuring popular artists. This event transforms the amusement park into a multi-faceted entertainment hub, drawing visitors from all over the region.

Seasonal Events: Playland transforms during the fall for Fright Nights, a Halloween-themed event featuring haunted houses, spooky decorations, and nighttime rides. This event is a favorite among thrill-seekers looking for a unique and terrifying experience.

Playland's mix of historic charm and modern thrills, along with its picturesque location in Hastings Park, make it a standout destination in British Columbia.

4. Cultus Lake Adventure Park, Cultus Lake, British Columbia

Nestled in the scenic Fraser Valley, Cultus Lake Adventure Park is one of British Columbia’s premier amusement destinations. The park offers a variety of thrilling rides, including the Cloud Buster, a towering drop ride, and the Runaway Mine Train, a family-friendly roller coaster. The park's unique design integrates seamlessly with the natural surroundings, providing a beautiful setting for a day of fun.

Nature and Fun Combination: Cultus Lake Adventure Park is conveniently located next to camping sites and the beautiful Cultus Lake, making it the perfect combination of nature and fun. Families can enjoy a day at the amusement park and then relax by the lake or at a nearby campsite.

Water Park: Adjacent to the adventure park is Cultus Lake Waterpark, the province's largest water park, featuring numerous slides, a lazy river, and a massive wave pool. Together, these parks make Cultus Lake a perfect destination for summer fun.

5. Galaxyland, Edmonton, Alberta

Galaxyland, located inside the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, is the world’s largest indoor amusement park. It features 27 rides and attractions, including the Mindbender, the world’s largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster. Galaxyland offers a year-round escape into a whimsical world with rides, games, and entertainment suitable for all ages.

Shopping and Fun: The unique location of Galaxyland inside West Edmonton Mall allows parents to enjoy shopping at one of the largest shopping malls in North America while the kids have fun at the amusement park. This makes it a convenient destination for families looking to combine retail therapy with thrilling rides.

6. Calaway Park, Calgary, Alberta

Also in Alberta, Calaway Park, just outside Calgary, is Western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park. With over 32 rides, live entertainment, and a scenic location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Calaway Park is perfect for a family day out. Popular attractions include the Vortex roller coaster and the Timber Falls log ride.

7. Magic Mountain, Moncton, New Brunswick

Magic Mountain, located in Moncton, is Atlantic Canada’s largest water park and amusement complex. It features a variety of water slides, a wave pool, and a lazy river. In addition to the water attractions, Magic Mountain also offers mini-golf, go-karting, and other family-friendly activities.

8. Sandspit Cavendish Beach, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Sandspit Cavendish Beach is Prince Edward Island’s largest amusement park. Known for its charming seaside atmosphere, Sandspit offers a variety of rides, including the Cyclone roller coaster and the classic Ferris wheel. The park also features go-karts, bumper boats, and a mini-golf course, making it a great destination for family fun.

9. Tinkertown Family Fun Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tinkertown Family Fun Park, located just outside Winnipeg, is a beloved destination for families in Manitoba. The park features a variety of rides and attractions designed for younger children, including a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a miniature train. Tinkertown also offers a mini-golf course, a large play area, and picnic facilities, making it an ideal spot for a family outing.

10. Atlantic Splash Adventure, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

Located in Hammonds Plains, near Halifax, Atlantic Playland is the largest family amusement park in Nova Scotia. It offers a wide range of attractions, including water slides, go-karts, a Ferris wheel, and the Tilt-A-Whirl. The park also features a large arcade and plenty of picnic areas, making it a perfect destination for a fun-filled day with family and friends.

These amusement parks across Canada provide a wide array of thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or looking for a fun day out with the family, these parks offer something for everyone.

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